BG Group Vessel Jobs

It seems everyone is looking for jobs on vessels these days. That is why we try to inform our readers of any boat work that may arise. This week shines the Spotlight of Opportunity on BG Group. Here’s what you need to know.

About this Offshore Vessel Company

BG Group is a growing business with operations in more than 25 countries all over the world. Though they are based in the UK, they have job opportunities in the U.S. and other countries. BG Group did not come into existence until December of 1999 when BG plc (formerly named British Gas) completed a financial restructuring which resulted in the creation of a new parent company now named BG Group.

According to their site, their “business is the discovery, extraction, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas to existing and developing markets around the world.” It would seem that the company is successfully implementing this mission statement as they were able to deliver a total of 183 million tons of natural gas in 2009 alone. Their distribution has undoubtedly increased since then. With such a far-reaching business practice, BG Group has dozens of opportunities for positions related to offshore work.

On and Offshore Vessel Jobs

The BG Group team is comprised of over 6,000 individuals representing more than 65 nationalities and possessing skills in areas ranging from project management and shipping to reservoir engineering. BG Group offers a large number of internal courses and on-the-job training. For individuals interested in searching for vessel jobs, check out BG Group’s Vacancy Search.  

Unlike some other companies that we have featured, BG Group offers applicants a detailed view of how the interview for an offshore job might proceed. As stated on their site, the interviews are conducted using “competency-based questions” which ask an applicant to draw on previous relevant offshore work experiences. Interviewers will be looking to gain an understanding of three things in particular: 1) the background information about the applicant’s offshore work experience, 2) an applicant’s reactions to situations while offshore, and 3) the result of an applicant’s reactions while working offshore.

If you weren’t able to find suitable boat work at this company’s website, try our vessel jobs list. Until next time, we wish you the best of luck in your search for offshore jobs.