Quest for Domestic Energy Leads to Unlimited Opportunities for Mariners

As we have been reporting, there continues to be a shortage of qualified maritime workers as the industry maintains its booming growth.  We live in a nation that is striving to become self-sufficient with its energy sources, and the development and exploration involved in that quest create a bulk of new jobs.

Says Jim Adams, OMSA President and CEO, “Whether its Bakken crude in North Dakota or the offshore service vessel fleet based in Port Fourchon, it’s clear that domestic energy activity provides full employment for those willing to work.”

Offshore Vessels

The current demand for domestic, offshore energy is the driving force behind the recent surge in investing in new vessels – and those vessels must be United States-built and operated, creating tens of thousands of new jobs.  The offshore vessel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the maritime industry.  With the need to advance technology and recapitalize its fleet almost constantly, the sector is expanding rapidly, and so, by necessity, is its workforce.

Because of the regulations mandated by the Jones Act, the United States’ commercial shipyards are active and growing, maintaining a dynamic fleet of U.S.-flagged vessels that employ thousands of professional mariners, giving the United States the ability to mobilize defenses in a time of national crisis.  Says Jim Adams, “The Jones Act serves as a national insurance policy for wartime preparedness.”

In the Gulf South and Nationwide

Looking at the numbers, the maritime industry in the United States employs over 500,000 workers across the country, and with the increase in large tanker orders, along with the mandates of the Jones Act, that number is sure to rise over the next several years.

Much of that new, available work is right here in the Gulf South.  What’s more, mariners working in the Gulf energy sector can often live anywhere in the United States, earning competitive salaries and collecting incredible benefits.  Credentialed mariners also receive significant time off, while still bringing in competitive wages.

The time is clearly ripe for employment in the maritime industry, and employers are looking for qualified candidates.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities as the maritime industry is booming.  If you are seeking employment, see our job listings page for opportunities available in the Gulf South and beyond.