Marquette Transportation Company Profile

This week shines the Spotlight of Opportunity on Marquette Transportation Company.  Here’s what you need to know:

About this Marine Transportation Company

Based in Harahan, LA, Marquette Transportation Company is one of the largest marine transportation providers in the United States.  Marquette offers clients a strategic combination of vessels that operate along the Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee-Tom, and Cumberland rivers, in addition to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Marquette and its Offshore, Gulf-Inland, and River units comprise one of the United States’ newest and safest fleets of tugboats and towboats, ensuring that cargo is delivered reliably, safely, and cost-effectively.  Their fleet offers over 115 marine vessels and over 800 dry cargo barges for lease.  The fleet is equipped with cutting-edge communication and safety technology, and all vessels are operated by certified and experienced marine professionals.  Marquette also has 20 vessels that are powered for construction work and oilfield service, dredging support, and anchor handling.

Locations Served

Marquette Transportation Company serves the entire United States Inland Waterway System, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Gulf Coast.  Fleets operate along the Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee-Tom and Cumberland rivers, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Eastern Seaboard, and the Gulf of Mexico into the Caribbean and Central and South America.


Safety practices are a primary value of Marquette Transportation.  Marquette takes an aggressive approach to make sure that injuries and accidents are preventable and avoided through continued training and safety drills.  Marquette offers a program of simulator, classroom, and on-the-job training that is one of the most rigorous in the industry.  They conduct all required USCG and American Waterways Operator Responsible Carrier drills and trainings, in addition to their own environmental, safety, and security programs.

On and Offshore Vessel Jobs

Vessel jobs are available at this company.  Marquette Transportation has a reputation for being respectful of all employees and for rewarding workers for a job well done.  They offer one of the most competitive compensation/benefits packages available, a safety-first, positive work environment, career advancement, and supportive leadership.

Marquette is currently hiring engineers, cooks, wheelhouse officers, deckhands, and shore-based personnel for all units.  Apply online or call the numbers listed on the Careers page.  Prospective employees must pass a thorough background check, be substance-abuse free, and hold a valid TWIC credential.

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