Global Decommissioning and Abandonment Meeting to Address Major Issues in the Gulf

Top leaders in the deepwater and floating facility abandonment industry will gather for candid, workshop discussions in advance of the largest abandonment and decommissioning meeting in the world this March in Houston.

Staff C&WI engineer at Shell, Felix Medine III; and Director of Projects at TETRA Offshore, Chuck Webb; will both take part in the collaborative workshops just prior to the DecomWorld Annual Decommissioning and Abandonment Summit.

Delegates to these workshops will have the opportunity to explore different perspectives on the options available for floating facilities, which include FPSOs, spars, and TLPs, as well as have access to expert analysis of the deepwater challenges emerging from the trend toward deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Says Project Director at DecomWorld, Phil Chadney, “The workshops are designed to cut through the fog that surrounds these critical issues by allowing delegates to ask the questions that matter to them, and by giving them a chance to hear the concerns and experience of their peers.”

Some of the other notable names participating in the workshops include Lew Dennis, Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning Manager for Chevron; Gary Siems, Decommissioning Manager for Stone Energy; Eric Tumlinson, Project Manager for Sandridge Energy; and Commander Jim Rocco, Chief of Offshore National  Center of Expertise for the United States Coast Guard.

The Decommissioning and Abandonment Summit, now in its sixth year, will take place March 10-12, 2014 in Houston, Texas.