Top 100 List Published by Boat International

In the January 2014 edition of Boat International, readers will find a list of the top 100 largest yachts in the world.  The 180-meter super yacht, Azzam, takes the top slot, edging out previous winner, the 162.5-meter Eclipse.

When Boat International first published their list in 1990, the smallest vessel to make the list was 44.83 meters long; however, this year’s smallest to make the list measures in at 75.5 meters.  It’s clear that with time, these vessels are getting larger and more complex.

Says the publication’s editor, Tim Thomas, “It is impressive to see how the average size of the Top 100 largest yachts has grown in the last few years.  And the most amazing thing is that, in spite of the 2008 crash and the global financial crisis, the number of new yachts being built at the very top end shows no signs of slowing down . . . We estimate the replacement cost of the current Top 100 largest yachts to be well in excess of $10 billion.”

What does this mean for vessel jobs?

Larger vessels means more jobs, including an increase in materials, engineering, staff, labor, and crew.  But not only that, these huge vessels also require new design and engineering solutions.  As Tim Thomas conveys, “The development of the super-yacht industry, and in particular the largest yachts in the world, means not only a development of new design and creative skills, but also a development of technologies and skills across the board.  The knock-on effect from this handful of giant toys is extraordinary, creating tens of thousands of jobs around the world in everything from initial design and engineering to ongoing support and supply.”

Expectations for 2014

Deliveries expected in 2014 showcase just how the size of the largest privately-owned vessels continues to grow.  According to statistics, there are at least seven 100-meter yachts due to launch within the next year.  What’s clear is that now is a great time to get your foot in the door in the maritime industry.

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