Filipino Seafarers in High Demand Overseas

The Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines confirms that there are thousands of job opportunities available for Filipino workers who would like to be seafarers.

Chief Hans Leo Cacdac of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, says that there are many attractive prospects for Filipino mariners, particularly with so many shipping companies expanding their routes and operations.

In fact, the largest Philippine company sending seafarers abroad, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, confirmed that Filipinos can easily find employment with shipping companies that are seeking international crews.  The President of Magsaysay, Marlon Rono, conveyed that Filipino workers stand out because they have unique characteristics that are particularly suitable to overseas work.  Rono said these individuals have a good attitude, are hard workers, and speak fluent English.

Labor and Employment Secretary, Rosalinda Baldoz, said that there are as many as 47,000 open positions for Filipino mariners and other workers seeing employment aboard international cruise ships.  She said that the cruise ships hire employees without college degrees, and the prefer those who have experience in spas, casinos, and hotels.  They also look for workers with expertise in health and beauty, information and technology, as well as security.

The requirements for such workers include a high school diploma, and proficiency and experience in written and spoken English.