T. Parker Host, Inc. Company Profile

This week VesselJobs.com shines the Spotlight of Opportunity on T. Parker Host.  Here’s what you need to know:

About this Marine Transportation Company

T. Parker Host, Inc. was founded by T. Parker Host, Sr. in 1923.  Mr. Host was a lifetime mariner in Hampton Rhoads, Virginia.  In the late 1940s, Mr. Host’s son expanded the company and worked to further the community through port growth.  Today, third and fourth generations of the family carry on the traditions started by the founders, continuing to expand and grow the company year after year.

This company is globally known as a leading service provider, and they have expanded their package to include freight forwarding, cargo supervision, documentation reporting, ship representation, logistical support, and transportation consulting.  Locally, T. Parker Host has contacts across the state of Louisiana, including New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

T. Parker Host, Inc. has a team of over 150 employees working out of 14 locations.  The company uses the latest technology and handles a wide variety of commodities including crude, minerals, coal, grain, fertilizers, frozen poultry, scrap, livestock, cement, tankers, cruise lines, special vessel operations, and container lines.

Safety is of utmost importance at T. Parker Host.  The company has a long-standing safety program, in addition to dedicated audit resources and training, ensuring compliance at all levels of the company.

Offshore Vessel Jobs

Vessel Jobs are available at this company.  T. Parker Host considers its employees its most valuable asset, placing safety and service as top priorities.  The company approaches every relationship from a commercial mindset, and they understand all activities occurring in the shipping industry.  Benefits of working at T. Parker Host include:

  • Annual performance bonus
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Employee development

To view current openings at T. Parker Host, or to fill out a general application, go to the T. Parker Host Job Opportunities page.

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