Signet Maritime Corp to Create New Full-time Jobs at Port of Pascagoula

The first phase of a $7.2 million infrastructure improvement process at Signet Maritime Corp’s Pascagoula facility is now complete.  The phase wrapped up with the completion of a 54,000 square foot concrete vessel dry-docking slab.

The port expansion project is partially funded by a $3.6 million Community Development Block Grant awarded to Jackson County in support of Signet’s expansion and the future growth of maritime operations.

Last December, Jackson County supervisors and Port of Pascagoula commissioners approved the slab to cover a contaminated area.  That area had not been used for many years because of tainted materials that had been left behind by a previous shipbuilding operation.  The area was environmentally remediated, and the new slab will now allow the repair and building sector of Signet to increase vessel fabrication and repair.

Signet will match the $3.6 million allocation with their own funds to fully complete the project, which will include dredging adjacent to the property, a new fabrication shop, and the refurbishment of the bulkhead.  Also, the Community Development Block Grant requires Signet to create a minimum of 50 full-time jobs

Said Signet President and CEO, J. Barry Snyder, “This project has been in our strategic plan for 3 years and it was made possible by the tremendous cooperation of the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, the State of Mississippi and the Port of Pascagoula.  Without this strong support the benefits of this project would never have been attained. We are very grateful to our good friends in the County and State for their pro-activity and business encouragement.”

Full completion of all three project phases is scheduled for April of 2015.