Petroleum Service Corporation (PSC)

This week shines the Spotlight of Opportunity on Petroleum Service Corporation (PSC). Here’s what you need to know:

About this Marine Transportation Company

Founded in 1952 by Derryl H. Haymon, Petroleum Service Corporation (PSC) first opened its doors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as the first company to provide Coast Guard-licensed employees to load/unload tank barges on the Mississippi River. The employees were known at the time as “tankermen”, and PSC was the United States’ first “tankerman service.” The Company remains the largest and oldest of such services in the country.

PSC started offering other product-handling services in the 1960s to companies such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and storage terminals. Currently, PSC has a presence at dozens of sites throughout the industry, and their 2,000+ employees handle many different products including chemicals, fertilizers, refined products, and plastics. The Company is an industry-leader in rail-switching, truck-loading/unloading, dock operations, and warehouse and tank farm operations.

PSC was acquired by the SGS Group in 2004, and is now one of the world’s foremost inspection, verification, certification, and testing companies. PSC kept its own management team and owners, and today, the company operates as a division of SGS North America, Inc.

On and Offshore Vessel Jobs

Vessel Jobs are available at this company. Petroleum Service Corporation offers above-average compensation, affordable, comprehensive benefits, pay-as-you-train programs, and a supportive team of top industry professionals. The Company is looking for dedicated, hard-working people who are looking for careers in:

  • Tank car, railcar and truck loaders
  • Tank farm operators
  • Rail switchmen and locomotive engineers
  • Process operators
  • In-plant clerks/schedulers
  • Dock operators
  • Deckhands
  • Warehouse technicians
  • Tankermen & Tankerman trainees

You can find a list of current openings at Petroleum Service Corporation here.

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