Blessey Marine Services Company Profile

This week shines the Spotlight of Opportunity on Blessey Marine Services. Here’s what you need to know:

About this Marine Transportation Company

Based in Harahan, Louisiana, Blessey Marine Services is the operator of the youngest multifaceted inland tank barge and towing vessel fleet in the U.S. Primarily a “Unit Tow” company, Blessey Marine operates predominantly in the Inland Waterways of the Central U.S., transporting liquid products along the Mississippi River and all of its navigable canals and tributaries.

The Company’s mission is to efficiently and safely transport customers’ liquid bulk cargo throughout the inland waterways. Such cargoes include asphalt, residual fuels, lubricating oils, refined petroleum products and feedstocks, petrochemicals and alcohols.

Blessey services all major petroleum and petro-chemical companies and organizations, and they have garnered industry respect by placing customer service, safety, and professionalism at the top of their priority list. The Company’s continued goal is to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Safety and teamwork are also essential components of Blessey’s business that contribute in large part to the Company’s success.

On and Offshore Vessel Jobs

Vessel jobs are available at this company. Blessey Marine Services offers both a comprehensive salary and benefits package, as well as a safe and pleasant working environment. Currently, Blessey is looking for personnel to fill the following positions:

  • Wheelhouse Master
  • Port Captain (New Orleans)
  • Port Captain (Houston)
  • IT Tech Support Engineer
  • Crew Change Coordinator

To find out more about these positions and how to apply, please see Blessey Marine’s Positions page on their website.

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