Intellicheck Mobilisa to Provide Web-Hosted TWIC Reader System

Intellicheck Mobilisa has been awarded a contract by a major U.S. oil company to provide its TWIC Plus IM2620 and IM2610 ID card readers in a cloud-based version.

Intellicheck Mobilisa provides wireless technology and ID systems for multiple applications, including handheld access and mobile access control, and security systems for the military, government, and commercial markets. The newly-drawn contract is for a web-hosted TWIC reader system, which Intellicheck recently offered instead of installing the software directly onto a client’s servers. This allows for instant update installation.

Last summer, Intellicheck Mobilisa’s TWIC reader products became the first mobile readers to be approved by the TSA, and the company’s two reader products passed the TSA’s intensive testing to officially make the TSA’s Qualified Technology List. This list includes all products that ships, ports, and other facilities with restricted access should purchase.

Said Kimberly Chochon, Vice President of Port Security Sales for Intellicheck Mobilisa, “We are pleased that this major oil company has purchased our TWIC readers for use at one of their facilities. Since many refineries house materials that are considered to be hazardous, we are happy to be entrusted with helping maintain this facility’s security. We are hopeful that this initial contract will provide us the opportunity to further demonstrate the effectiveness of our readers in securing such facilities, and potentially lead to additional contracts with other refineries across the U.S.”