Freedom Marine Services Company Profile

This week shines the Spotlight of Opportunity on Freedom Marine Services. Here’s what you need to know:

About this Marine Transportation Company

Based in Houma, Louisiana, Freedom Marine Services owns, operates and manages Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) serving the Gulf of Mexico’s Oil and Gas industry.

Freedom Marine Services operates a fleet of vessels that provides reliable transportation and support services to offshore exploration operations throughout the region. Freedom’s vessels are regularly inspected and checked for safety, reliability and security, and they are available by the day, week, month, or even for long-term projects. Freedom Marine Services’ mission is to provide safe, dependable and competitively-priced terms for transport, exploration, drilling and maintenance.


Freedom Marine has a fleet of vessels that range in size from 170 feet to 200 feet. Exact specifications can be found on the Vessels link of their website.

All vessels and crew are held to a strict environmental program established specifically for Freedom Marine. The company has a strategic plan for implementing procedures for a number of routine and unusual circumstances. The master on each vessel is a proactive, environmental steward, and the crew and company personnel are well-trained to follow safe, environmentally-sound procedures for disposing of waste, handling hazardous cargo and managing and reporting all spills.

On and Offshore Vessel Jobs

Vessel Jobs are available at this company. Freedom Marine Services is always looking for qualified, skilled individuals to add to their team of carefully-selected employees. To find out more, or to apply online, please visit the employment section of the Freedom Marine website. There you can download a full application packet and even submit your application via email.

Items you must submit with your application:

  • U.S. Coast Guard MMC
  • USCG Document or License
  • TWIC
  • Driver’s License

Freedom Marine Services is committed to the health and safety of their employees. The company strictly adheres to all applicable USCG regulations, and strictly enforces company safety guidelines, procedures and policies.

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